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Small Business Loans from $10,000 to $5,000,000+

We make getting loans fast, personalized and easy!

Helped 75,000+ Businesses

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Lend Wise Funding

Small Business Loans from $10,000 to $5,000,000+

We make getting loans fast, personalized and easy!

  • Simple Application
  • Same Day Approval
  • 6 Months to 10 Year Terms
  • 6+ Months in Business
  • 580+ Minimum FICO

You can qualify for our top financing options with as little as 6+ months in business.

The minimum revenue to qualify for competitive financing options is $10k per month or $120K in annual gross sales.

We have financing options for all credit profiles.

Ready to Move Your Business Forward?

Short-term Business Loans

If a business needs to fill a cash flow gap, increase working capital, or cover unexpected expenses, short-term business loans can provide rapid access to funding. These loans usually require repayment within a period of 3 to 18 months, with automatic daily or weekly payments.

Equipment Financing Loan

An equipment financing loan is a type of loan used to purchase or lease equipment for business purposes. This loan is specifically designed to help businesses acquire the equipment they need to operate or expand their operations without having to pay the full amount upfront. The loan may cover the entire cost of the equipment or a portion of it, and the equipment itself may be used as collateral for the loan. The repayment terms, including interest rates and length of the loan, may vary depending on the lender and the specifics of the loan agreement.

Business Lines of Credit

A business line of credit is a type of financing that allows businesses to access funds as needed, up to a predetermined credit limit. Similar to a credit card, the business can borrow and repay funds as necessary, and they only pay interest on the amount borrowed. The credit limit is determined based on various factors, including the business’s credit history, revenue, and financial stability. The repayment terms and interest rates may vary depending on the lender and the specific terms of the credit agreement.

Invoice Factoring

Invoice factoring is a type of financing where a business sells its invoices at a discounted price for immediate access to working capital. It can take anywhere from 30 to 90 days for most businesses to receive payments from their customers, in these cases, invoice factoring gives small businesses quick access to funds to meet their cash flow needs. The funder will receive payments on invoices directly from your customers, or you will forward your customer’s payments to the funder until the entire advance amount is paid off. An important thing to note about invoice factoring is that most funders will review a business’s outstanding invoices to make sure customers have a history of making payments on time.

Merchant Cash Advance

A merchant cash advance, also called an MCA loan, provides a financing option where a business receives a lump sum of cash upfront in exchange for a percentage of future sales or revenue. The repayment terms are typically based on a percentage of the business’s daily credit card or debit card sales or a fixed daily or weekly payment from the business bank account. This type of financing is typically used by businesses that need cash quickly, such as those with poor credit scores or those that do not qualify for traditional loans

SBA 7(a) Loan

SBA 7(a) Loan program, includes financial help for small businesses with special requirements. This is the best option when real estate is part of a business purchase, but it can also be used for: Short- and long-term working capital, refinance current business debt , purchase furniture, fixtures, and supplies. The maximum loan amount for a 7(a) loan is $5 million. Key eligibility factors are based on what the business does to receive its income, its credit history, and where the business operates.

Real Estate Loans

These loans include; Bridge, Fix & Flip, Rental Investment, Commercial Mortgage, and Construction

Startup & Personal Loans

In business less than 6months and may need funds for personal use

How it Works

Lend Wise Funding is not a lender. We are a loan connecting service where we connect consumers with independent third party lenders. Securing funds through our process is easy.

Follow these 3 simple steps to get immediate access to funds.

Step 1

Apply online or call us directly at +1 (929) 224-4904. There’s no fee or obligation to apply. It takes less than 2 minutes.

Step 2

Match up with a Lender that will give you the best rate based on your business goals. A dedicated loan advisor will work with you throughout the process.

Step 3

Get Funded- Once you have been approved, you will have access to funds within days



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Ready to Move Your Business Forward?

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About Us

Lend Wise Funding is a loan connecting service where we partner with lenders who have the best loan products customized for small business owners. Whether you are a start-up or have been in business for years, our goal is to provide the right lender match for your business needs and goals. Need more information on our services? Please feel free to contact us and one of our Specialists will be glad to assist you.

What Our Client Says

Donna’s Bakery

Donna B., CEO

"Lend Wise Funding made it easy and simple for me to get a business line of credit. The process was straightforward and the funding was quick. "

"We were looking for the best loan option for a fix and flip on a beach front property, but we kept running across a challenge with other banks, due to the property being located on the outskirts of a flood zone. Doing some research online, my partner came across Lend Wise Funding and decided to fill out a real estate loan application. The process was seamless and the representative we worked with was very professional and upfront with us until the end. We highly recommend Lend Wise to anyone looking for a customized real estate loan."

Peter and Megan

"We needed funding to make some changes to our daycare, due to an unexpected audit. We needed went to our local community bank, but the process was going to be longer than we had expected. One of our partners researched online for alternative funding and we contacted Lend Wise Funding. They had the right loan program to help us get funded immediately. We were able to make the necessary changes to our daycare before our deadline and we were very pleased to work with the Lend Wise Representative who helped us along the way."

Karen C.
CEO, Kids World

"As a Start-up Health and Wellness company I was seeking funding to help me with advertising and marketing. I reached out to Lend Wise Funding and they had the right loan I could afford to help me move my business forward. I highly recommend them to other Start-ups."

CEO, Kobby Bars
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